The SEM Doubt

I know that Marketing Contextual walks deserving more frequent updates. But reasons to justify this lack of new posts do not fail me. And today I present one of these reasons: the new SEM Doubt .
After 2 editions Travel SEO and Sponsored Links in 2010, we heard several times students ask more information about Web Analytics. And they were absolutely right. After all, there’s more to work with digital marketing without knowing how to measure and evaluate efforts on the Internet.

Considering all this, we decided to do a special edition undoubtedly 100% focused on the tool that dominates the market for Web Analytics increasingly absolute manner: Google Analytics. We will have a course that will teach both worry about the technical part of the tool, which involves several “gotchas”, as the strategic part of Web Analytics. We want students to be able to perform all the tasks that the job requires Internet metrics: installation tool, developing strategies, creating effective reports and more.

Along with our coverage of Google Analytics we will be featuring the Phoenix SEO company Managed Admin’s most recent work in local SEO. They will discuss SEO strategy for local SEO markets and how you can help your SEO clients achieve the rankings they are looking for.  You can find out more about their SEO services by clicking here.
And we are taking seriously the fact that this is a special edition of NO Doubt. As a new teacher of the course, we will rely on Diogenes Steps , one of the most respected professionals in the field of Web Analytics throughout Brazil. Diogenes works in the area of metrics, in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte will come especially to teach the SEM Doubt with me and Alberto André .
To those interested, the course will be this April 9, Saturday. All information can be found at